The Story

A long time ago…


The astonishing victory of the rebels against the malevolent Empire stunned all the galaxy. The destruction of the Death Star officialize the Alliance and the open rebellion.


From every planets, a wind of revolution is rising. Many hidden opposants wish to bring their knowledge or their bravery to the brand new Rebel Alliance. It is even rumored that several former jedis are among them…




But the Emperor won’t allow that ! Through briberies and threats, he created the LAACDocs !


These documents allowed Imperial staff to use any methods necessary to detain prisoners wanted by High Inquisitors. No proof or evidence was needed when using a LAACDoc, and Moffs, Generals, and Prefects alike could detain whoever they chose until an Inquisitor arrived to interrogate.



Credits were allowed to High Inquisitors to bring back to justice any so-called Jedis … just after their interrogation, of course.


But Jedis are not an easy prey…